Privacy Policy

We respects your privacy. When you use our App Advance Bangla Dictionary, we collect information about you and use it to facilitate and improve our services.

Information we collect

Information collected automatically: When you visit our sites and use our apps, we automatically collect and store information about your computer or mobile device and your activities. This information includes:

  • Your computer's IP address
  • Technical information about your computer or mobile device (such as type of device, web browser or operating system)
  • Your preferences and settings (time zone, language, etc.)
  • Your mobile device's unique ID number
  • The URL of the last web page you visited before coming to one of our sites
  • The words you have looked up and results you selected
  • The ads you clicked on
  • How long you visited our sites or used our apps and which services and features you used
  • For app users, the online or offline status of Your app
Currently we are not recording your email address unless you choose to provide us explicitly.

Information you choose to provide: You may choose to open an account and if you are age 13 or older, provide us with information in order to use certain services or products, like Advance Bangla Dictionary App, or to take advantage of special offers. This information may include your name and some device information. You may provide this information directly to us or you may choose to register using your Facebook account in which case you would authorize us to access certain Facebook profile information including your first name, last name, gender etc. You may also choose to post content (such as custom flashcards) that you may share with others, through our site or through your Twitter or Facebook account. You do not have to provide any of this information to us. Its completely your choice.

How we use your information

We use your information to provide and improve our services, customize services for you (such as by remembering your preferences), make special offers, better understand our users, diagnose and fix problems, and sell and display ads that may be relevant to you.